Quality Talent, Delivered

Established in 2003 and based in Maryland, USA, Vedasoft is home to a team of exceptionally skilled specialists known for delivering high-quality results with remarkable speed. Our demonstrated expertise extends to deploying top-tier professionals across various technologies and successfully concluding numerous critical projects. This highlights our commitment to offering a strategic fusion of resources and technical proficiency aligned with our clients’ business strategies.

Vedasoft has played a pivotal role in aiding our business partners in efficiently strategizing, nurturing, and advancing their critical technology endeavors. Since our establishment, Vedasoft has maintained an unwavering dedication to adding value not only to our clients but also to our valued employees.

We are :

CATS+ Master Contract Number #060B2490023 – 2016

Maryland Small Business Reserve (SBR) Certified Company

Value added Reseller to Samsung Maryland

Small Business Enterprise Certified

Enabling Expertise for an Evolving World

  • Global Footprint

    Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland and with key offices in New Jersey, our operations span across key global markets, including the USA, Canada, and India

  • Key Value Proposition

    Established in 2003, the Vedasoft executive workforce has 45 years of combined industry recruitment experience

  • Global Delivery Experience

    Our scalable enterprise recruiting model and infrastructure seamlessly combine to meet time resource requirements, providing efficient delivery of talent across the spectrum of staffing


Harness core strengths by implementing multi-local delivery capabilities seamlessly to ensure improved ROI and reduced time-to-market through collaborative, adaptable, and scalable enterprise recruiting models, shaping the future of recruiting.


Values and ethics are the beating heart of Vedasoft’s operations, radiating through every connection we forge, be it with clients, partners, or customers. We take immense pride in cultivating lasting and profound relationships with our clients, consistently delivering top-tier talent across staffing and project needs. Our values encompass integrity, transparency, profound respect for individuals, and the empowerment of our teams – this is the very essence of VedaSoft’s guiding principles.