Future, Fulfilled

Vedasoft’s team of highly skilled professionals possesses a deep expertise across a spectrum of platforms. Our proficiency is underscored by a profound understanding of our clients’ specific needs. This synergy between technical acumen and client-centricity stands as a pivotal force behind our commitment to efficient cost management and the delivery of exceptional client service.

Our ability to bridge the gap between technical prowess and client expectations is a hallmark of our approach, enabling us to not only meet but consistently exceed our clients’ requirements and, in turn, elevate the standards of service excellence.

Our Landscape

Staff Augmentation 

We strategically supplement in-house teams with external talent to enhance project capabilities and meet fluctuating work demands. This approach allows the client to scale resources efficiently, ensuring expertise aligns with specific project needs.

Technology Consulting

We provide expert guidance helping businesses to optimise their use of technology for improved efficiency. Consultants in this field offer tailored solutions, helping organizations navigate complex technological landscapes and align their IT strategies with overall business objectives.

Development & QA

Our staffing services involve a meticulous process of assessing and ensuring the quality of software development projects. This practice includes thorough testing, debugging, and performance evaluations to guarantee that the developed solutions meet the highest standards and client expectations.

Automation & Digital Transformation

We streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and
drive innovation. Integrating automated solutions and embracing digital transformation helps the client to optimize workflows, improve customer experiences, and stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Advantage Vedasoft

We Advise…

clients to anticipate, identify and solve problems through transformation and implementation

Solve complex programs with agile methodologies & design thinking 

Manage deliverables, milestones and outcomes

Leverage technology with AI, ML, process mining & robotic process automation

We Build…

the right team by addressing skillset gaps and solving hiring challenges

Maintain control and oversight of resources

Access to specific, specialised skills and expertise that the internal team lacks

Save time in up-skilling your existing tea

We Operate…

seamlessly to manage functions, processes or data and free up teams to work on mission-critical tasks

Achieve cost efficiency through flexible scaling 

Hire the right resources at the right time (onshore / offshore)

Reduce risks with performance, productivity
and service levels taken care of

Staff Augmentation

Talent Pool

Vast pool of skilled English-speaking professionals for effortless team building and scaling


Say goodbye to hiring, administrative and operational complexities

Effortless Team

Seamlessly expand your team to offshore locations

Cost Savings

5x reduction in resource costs compared to hiring similar talent in Silicon Valley


Our presence in different time zones ensures round-the-clock support and services with ease

Managed Technology Solutions

Technology Consulting

Modern Workplace

Managed IT talent services
Service center solutions
Managed IT solutions

Enterprise Application Solutions

Solution design and selection
Implementation services
Application security and controls

Software Services

Custom business applications
Cloud applications
Website design & solutions
Intelligent automation enablement
On-demand services
GRC solution implementation

Enterprise Data & Analytics

Enterprise data governance
Enterprise information management
Reporting and Visualisation
Software and digital strategy
Business Strategy and advanced analytics

Emerging Tech Solutions (RPA, AI/ML, Blockchain, IoT, Quantum)

Strategy, design and business case identification
Prototype / Proof of Concept
Implementation, management & support

Tech Strategy & Operations

Strategy & architecture
Governance & risk management
Transformation program execution
Operations & delivery

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Security Program & Strategy
Data Privacy & Security
Managed Security Services
Digital Identity | Attack & Penetration
Incident Response & Cyber Resilience

Cloud Solutions

Strategy and Governance
Transformation and Modernisation
Cloud Migration
Cloud Security