Why Big Data?

  • New data sources and signals are being added exponentially
  • Increasing pressure for nimble businesses to respond and optimize in real time to increasing amounts of information
  • Examples:
    • Finance: Process transaction data and analytics in huge scale to uncover opportunities, predictability, & improve overall performance
    • Manufacturing: Increase yield and quality through more informed decision making by leveraging big data analytics
    • Retail: Increase conversion & sales by mining customer data in order to understand and respond quickly to the needs of consumers
    • Healthcare: Analyze large amounts of patient data and claim data to improve processing, adjudication, and patient care


VedaSoft has a team of Hadoop specialists who can deliver/offer:

  • Big Data Strategy
  • Scalable Infrastructure & Application Development
  • Business Process Consultation
  • Technical Staffing
  • Nearshore/Offshore development
  • Big Data Training
  • Integrate structured and unstructured data
  • Exploratory analytics
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Performance tuning
  • High availability planning


The VedaSoftcore big data team has many years of experience building and optimizing large scale data and analytics platforms and transaction systems at leading technology companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and DoubleClick.

The team has helped develop strategy, roadmap and platforms for startups in New York and California.VedaSoft has provided solutions and staffing for dozens of clients across the country and work with clients in a consultative mode providing the best solutions for their needs.

VedaSoft has recently (Jan 2013) signed a Master Services Agreement with a leading 3D software design  company to offer Consulting services in Hadoop/Big Data.